The industry of Indian Interiors decoration is going through really winds of transform. Eco-friendly, engineered panel products like Medium Density Fibre Boards (MDF), which have been made use of effective building and constructing furniture and interiors internationally for many years, are now quick getting approval into Indian houses and workplaces. Today's critical customer with a fast paced way of living, is more and more looking for interior goods which spend less time, are easy to use and affordable while being trendy. Green Panelmax MDF, the most recent offering from India's biggest interior commercial infrastructure company, Greenply Industries Limited, is exclusively positioned to offer all this and more. Being constructed with state-of-the-art European technology at the plant of which is at Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, these boards endure stringent quality testing stringent quality testing and are boldly reputed as world's best and superior quality products.

Green Panelmax MDF arrives with the highest possible promise of providing the finest in quality and overall performance. Designed with a unique fibre interlocking technology which brings to great connection durability and stiffness, Green Panelmax MDF is filled with characteristics which are most suitable for developing long lasting furniture and producing distinctive interiors. It's homogenous structure and effortless machining features allows it to be elaborately and accurately directed, carved and shaped. Moreover, the floor level of smoothness and 0% latex content of Green Panelmax MDF guarantees an ideal finish off while painting, high-gloss and polishing. It is also really easy to implement veneers and laminates on these boards. Green Panelmax MDF goes through numerous techniques to make it termite, borer and fungus resistant. Additionally, Green Panelmax MDF is an eco-friendly product.

Green Panelmax MDF boards are now all set to change the industry of Indian interiors with their superior quality.

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