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Amazing Possibilities on Green Panelmax MDF

Green Panelmax MDF boards act as a perfect substrate for applying veneers, vinyl films, resin-saturated decorative papers and foils. Of the many properties that make Green Panelmax MDF boards desirable for laminates and overlays, are their incomparable face and edge qualities. Green Panelmax MDF boards have a smooth surface, superior edge-finishing qualities, dimensional stability, flatness, close tolerances, dent-resistance and lower glue usage requirements, all of which add up to a product which gives unmatchable end-finishes in a variety of decorative applications.

Painting Painting

Green Panelmax MDF boards have a super smooth surface which makes painting on them very easy while giving an amazingly uniform end-finish. A higher surface density also helps achieve a better paint coverage and save costs.

Polishing Polishing

Add elegance to your furniture or make your kitchen cabinets look smart and trendy by simply polishing the Green Panelmax MDF. Not only is polishing on the smooth surface of our MDF boards so easy, it also adds great utility by protecting the surfaces while giving them an unmatchable elegance. Due to the smooth and uniform surface of Green Panelmax MDF, wood grains can be created to give an authentic wood finish which enhances the decorative value of the furniture.

High Gloss Finish High Gloss

Spotless, sparkling furniture with a buttery smooth finish is indeed a great interiors option. High-gloss paints work marvelously on the smoothness of Green Panelmax MDF boards, and the glossy finish makes it immune to gathering dirt. The lure of 'zero' maintenance along with the promise of a long-lasting freshness and newness is bound to be the object of affection for any house-proud individual. So add the glossy finish and live with clean, gleaming interiors for a long-long time.

Lamination Lamination

Absolutely flawless. And unbelievably smooth. For those of you looking for an immaculate finish, Green Panelmax MDF provides an outstandingly uniform surface that makes lamination so smooth, simple and perfect.

Veneering Veneering

For those who prefer the warm look of real wood, Green Panelmax plain MDF boards can be veneered in natural wood veneers for an authentic finish. Natural veneers are thin slices of wood with natural or designed grains, that can be pressed onto MDF panels to give your cabinets, doors and other furniture, a natural finish.

Membrane/PVC Overlays Membrane/PVC Overlays

These are skin-like PVC based decorative overlays in woodgrain prints with matching embossed or plain colours in smooth or textured surfaces, which when pressed, mould flawlessly onto the surface of the Green Panelmax MDF boards.

Carving Carving

Explore unlimited designs and forms, in any size and depth you desire with Green Panelmax. Green Panelmax MDF boards lend themselves easily to tools that carve wood with sculptural ornamentation. Several pieces of Green Panelmax MDF boards can be glued together to evoke the feel of dense, solid timber, which can then be patterned with precision to create intricately carved larger-than-life decorative pieces or figures.

Routing Routing

Routing is a high speed machining process that involves cutting, trimming and shaping of plain panels used mainly in cabinetry, to creatively add design elements. An interesting fact is that MDF is the only panel besides natural timber where routing is possible. In fact, Green Panelmax MDF boards with their excellent machinability make routing extra effortless and give a far more superior finish than even timber. This wonderful shaping process used for finishing edges, adapts itself beautifully on Green Panelmax MDF giving clean, well-defined edges, which are a hallmark of quality.

Lattice Lattice

While creating beautiful, ornamental lattice patterns is possible on MDF boards due to their excellent machinability, it is not so on other panel products. The main reason for this contrasting feature is the homogenous structure of MDF. Green Panelmax MDF being extremely homogenous is completely adaptable and flexible to this process. And since there is no isotropic grain in the board, its tendency to split is zero. This makes it ideal for intricate lattice designing.


Moulding, as the name suggests, transforms the MDF board into a shape and form one desires. Technically, it is a process of manufacturing that involves shaping pliable raw material using a rigid frame or model called a pattern. Easy to cut and shape, Green Panelmax MDF with its easy machinability and homogenity, lends itself to best of one's creative expressions as it can be joined together and then moulded into desired shapes.

Greenply offers special training workshops on usage and construction techniques with Green Panelmax MDF boards for those interested. Please locate our nearest Branch Sales office near your area on the Contact us section for this.