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Environment & Community

We recognise and respect the sensitive nature of our business, particularly in relation to the environment and the community and endeavour to fulfil all our commitments encapsulated in our environmental policy with utmost integrity, keeping the environment and community interests foremost in our minds.

Environment Policy

Our aim is to achieve an appropriate standard of care, consistent with technical and economical feasibility, for the natural environment, in all of the activities in which we are engaged.

It is the policy of our group that operations in the company are carried out in compliance with the relevant statutory and regulatory obligations, community environmental standards and specific project requirements with the minimum impact on and maximum protection of the environment.

We believe in fostering environmental awareness, continually reviewing our environmental performance against our short term and long term environmental targets, and communication with the community and the government about any potential environmental impacts from our activities.

Our environmental policies extend far beyond merely complying with relevant laws and regulations. We are also committed to :

  • Minimising our residues and waste streams.
  • Refraining from discharging hazardous materials into the air, ground or water.
  • Minimising our consumption of energy and water.
  • Being ever alert to recycling opportunities.
  • Acquiring the Chain-of-Custody certifications with internationally recognised organisations that promote responsible stewardship of the world's forests.

Green Initiatives

Introducing eco-friendly products

The evolution of our businesses over the past few years, has provided us with more opportunities to engage in new ways to help various stakeholders associated with the panel industry, while remaining true to our core focus of bringing in a range of world class products. And this is precisely the reason why we are taking this opportunity to introduce MDF, an eco-friendly wood subsitute, and make an even bigger difference in the Indian interior infrastructure industry.

With diminishing forests, the company has recognised the need for introducing sustainable products and has stepped into the manufacture of eco-friendly engineered wood-based products like MDF, which maximize the use of agro-forestry wood and simultaneously minimise waste of materials.

Reducing process pollutants

Pollutants emanating from the manufacture of various wood-based panels are similar and occur from the processes which involve wood waste and product handling, drying, pressing, secondary finishing and thermal energy production. MDF tends to have greater particulate emission than some other wood-based panels in the drying process because of their smaller particles. Pollutants include nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and carbon monoxide. Greenply has invested heavily in dust extraction/fume absorption and ash arresting systems at its new MDF plant to ensure optimal emission levels.