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The Green Panelmax Edge

Fibre Interlocking Technology Unique Fibre Interlocking Technology

A unique fibre interlocking technology employed in the manufacturing of Green Panelmax MDF boards leads to high bonding strength and greater rigidity.

Strong Unparalleled Strength

Stability and strength are important assets of our product. Made with advanced technology and extreme technical precaution, Green Panelmax MDF boards offer tough resistance to all types of impacts and wear and tear.

Superior QualitySuperior Quality

Our product is stringently tested through advanced testing technologies and machines at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that Green Panelmax MDF boards have a smooth finish, superior machining characteristics and unparalleled quality and strength.

Homogenous Construction Homogenous Construction

The homogenous construction of Green Panelmax MDF boards allows intricate and precise routing, machining and finishing techniques for a superior finished product.

0% Latex Content 0% Latex Content

Green Panelmax MDF boards are made of 100% hardwood eucalyptus timber, and thus have 0% latex content, making them ideal for surface finishes such as painting and polishing.

Termite & Borer ResistantTermite, Borer & Fungus Resistant

Green Panelmax MDF boards undergo various processes during manufacturing to make them termite, borer and fungus resistant.


Green Panelmax MDF boards are produced from 100% renewable and sustainable wood resources sourced from agro-forestry plantation trees that have a life cycle of 3-4 years and cause no depletion of forest cover area.