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What do MDF and HDF stand for?

MDF stands for Medium Density Fibre Board and HDF stands for High Density Fibre Board.

What is MDF?

MDF is an engineered panel product manufactured by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers, often in a defibrator, combining it with resin and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure.

What are the advantages of MDF ?

MDF has many qualities that make it an ideal replacement for plywood or particle board. It is dense, flat, and stiff, has no knots and is easily machinable. Its fine particles provide dimensional stability without a predominant "grain". MDF contains no voids, and has sharp edges with no tear outs.

What is the difference between MDF and HDF?

MDF is a product of wood pieces, broken down by a defibrator, added to wax and resin, and formed from heat and pressure. HDF panels are manufactured through a similar process but are much more denser than MDF, since they are pressed under much more pressure. HDF is an ideal core layer material for laminate flooring and engineered floors.

In what applications is MDF being used?

MDF's superior machining and finishing characteristics, strength and stability makes it an ideal panel product for use in interior infrastructure applications like building & construction, interiors, residential and office furniture, wall paneling, modular kitchens, doors/panels and aluminium fabrication. Apart from these, MDF is being used in various other applications like handicrafts, profiles & beadings, trophies and mementos, scientific instruments, photo-lamination and frames, exhibitions, porta huts & pre-fabricated shelters, clocks, display items, shoe heels, toys and gift items, stationery items, architect models/sculptures, speaker boxes, packaging, sewing machine tops, slates and clip boards, wire drums, dye and pattern makers, as well as specific applications in the automobile industry, textile industry, column industry and the sports industry amongst many others.

Can MDF replace hardboard?

Yes, MDF or HDF of similar thickness can be used in place of standard quality hardboard. Unlike in hardboard, the surface of MDF/HDF is smooth on both sides.

How durable is MDF?

MDF has been in existence for almost 50 years. Across the globe today MDF is being widely used for interiors, furniture and industrial applications as it has the comparable strength and versatility of wood while also being eco-friendly. In fact over 80% furniture abroad is currently being made with engineered boards like MDF and particle board.

The present day MDF technology is also a highly improved version of earlier technologies and has imparted a very high degree of durability and longevity to MDF, making it a highly attractive replacement for non eco-friendly wood panels.

What are the IS specifications for MDF?

What is density profile? What is its relevance
in MDF? Does Green Panelmax MDF undergo
through-panel density testing?

Density profile is one of the most important properties that determine strength and physical properties of MDF. The density profile describes the change in panel density through the panel thickness and usually reflects a high surface density and a slightly lower core density.

Each batch of Green Panelmax MDF boards undergoes Through panel density testing to ensure optimum profile and density across the thickness of the panels. These are carried out by the state-of-the-art European testing machines utilizing X-ray technology.

What initiatives have been taken by Greenply to
create awareness about MDF among
Wood contractors and why?

In India, MDF has not yet found acceptability with the key influencer group of carpenters mainly due to their lack of knowledge about the product and its correct usage. The Green Panelmax team has taken up the challenge of educating and creating awareness about MDF and its correct usage by conducting wood contractors orientation programmes, where carpenters are being taught how to use the right tools and hardware for constructing furniture and interiors with MDF, by technical specialists.

Can a common Wood Contractor use his regular
tools for working on MDF?

Yes, normal tools can be used. Appropriate screws like full threaded steel screws should be screwed in, preferably, after making a pilot hole of the correct diameter. Use of hammering, rope type conventional drill machine, drill bits made out of chipped nails are not to be used at all.

Is it a myth that screws lose their hold after some
time on MDF?

Yes, this is a myth. The screws will not leave their grip if they have been inserted by the process of screwing, instead of being hammered in like nails. In case of load bearing construction or applications where repeated screwing and unscrewing are involved, the procedure of drilling a pilot hole, then inserting a resin coated plastic sleeve and threading the screw into the plastic sleeve will ensure proper bonding and better screw holding capacity.

What are the USPs of Green Panelmax MDF boards?

Unique Fibre Interlocking Technology
A unique fibre interlocking technology employed in the manufacturing of Green Panelmax MDF boards leads to a high bonding strength and greater rigidity.

Is Green Panelmax MDF latex Free? What are the
advantages of a latex free surface?

Green Panelmax MDF is made with 100% hardwood eucalyptus timber which has 0% latex content. The surface of Green Panelmax MDF is, therefore, latex free which makes it an ideal panel for lamination, veneering, painting and polishing since it lends a completely smooth and even finish to the product.

Why is Green Panelmax MDF environmentally

Green Panelmax MDF is manufactured by using agro-forestry timber which is a renewable resource and hence saves the use of natural forest wood. Even the manufacturing technology used is environmentally friendly and capable of meeting or exceeding performance criteria.

What is FSC? What does FSC certification signify?

The Forest Stewardship Council known as FSC, is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world's forests. The FSC certification signifies a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value.

Is Green Panelmax MDF FSC certified?

Greenply possesses the FSC certification for this product category among others. However, FSC certified Green Panelmax MDF panels are only available upon request only.

What is CARB?

The California Air Resources Board known as CARB or ARB is the "clean air agency" of the Government of California. The stated goals of CARB include attaining and maintaining healthy air quality, protecting the public from exposure to toxic air contaminants and providing innovative approaches for complying with air pollution rules and regulations. CARB certified material will also be available in Green Panelmax MDF in the future.

Can Green Panelmax MDF be used for Green
Buildings under GRIHA and IGBC Programme?

Yes, Green Panelmax MDF can be used quite beneficially under GRIHA and IGBC Programmes of Green Buildings since it is produced from 100% renewable and sustainable wood resources, sourced from agro-forestry plantation trees. These plantation trees have a life cycle of 4 years and do not cause any depletion of forest cover area.